Guns Festivals and Ayurveda.

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In ayurveda, an out-of-control active brain in as imbalanced Rajas mind, which normally serves us in building, working, analyzing, creating, but out-of-balance we might fall deep into an analytical abyss and turn inward. The overactive Rajas mind turned inward on itself, like mirror on mirror, a bad trip, drives one mad, like a shooter in the depths of the abyss of their own mind.

Festival Tour Summer ’19 pt.2

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I think that I’ve got a minor strain in my left trapezius from trying out some twisting acro-yoga yesterday with Angelica. Shelby rubbed it some and E. Long brought a proper buffer to the fest. Funny that that began as people mickey-mousing car buffers into massage tools, now they’re manufactured for that. Yeah, rest is key. Super key.

My Life was Charmed by a Music Festival…

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Bringing a partner to a festival can be wonderful or disastrous, so I’ll share a nugget of wisdom here. Break-ups happen at festivals because, similar to road trips, they’re a glimpse into how compatible you two are. If you want to put your relationship to the test, then go on a long road trip to a festival far, far away.