In Service

At the heart of our food vending operation is a stoked, joyful crew and original recipes with delicious, whole food ingredients. In service to the attendees, we emphasize a streamlined menu that is designed for both quick delivery and quality during rush times. Customers will not have to wait long for their orders. Cleanliness, as well as, attention to presentation is a factor that we take seriously as well when in operation. Also, we value smooth communication and good vibes with festival staff and production crew.

Vegan, Local, Whole Food Ingredients & Original Recipes

Our ingredients are mostly organic and sourced direct from fair-trade companies and/or local businesses when possible. Our açaí is from Sambazon, which is fair-trade and organic. We make our organic, gluten-free granola from scratch. The bread is either from Dupre’s in Grass Valley, CA or Sadie Rose in San Diego, CA. For our avocado toast, we joyfully make a vegan pesto sauce.

Drawing Inspiration from Yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an inspiration for many of my ingredient and menu choices. A vegan menu is part of it, but also serving foods that are wholesome, delicious and easy to digest. Which is why I’ve recently added Tomato Basil Dal and Kitchari to the menu.