Cedar Infused Hempseed Oil


Ingredients: hempseed oil & wild-crafted cedar leaves.

Suggested Uses: Topically as a body oil for grounding and self-care, beard oil, face oil for relief of dermatitis and dryness.

Amount: 1 fluid ounce.


Cedar Infused Hempseed oil from Colibri Medicine is perfect for unwinding with oil-application as part of your self-care process. While, you can consume hemp oil, this infusion is for topical use only. The smell is incredible, like a cedar forest. Cedar leaves are deliciously aromatic.

Cedar has masculine energy and is used as both a healer and a protector. Interestingly, some keep a piece of cedar in their wallet or purse to attract abundance. The cedar essence is known to increase memory, stabilize emotions, and acts to help ground us.

The cedar leaves are excellent for naturally aiding in the relief of dermatitis. Makes for an excellent beard oil. You don’t need much of this oil as it is quite emollient. It will relieve dry skin and won’t clog pores, so its great for facial applications.

Oil application: apply few drops at a time to skin. Relax and massage into chosen areas.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, wild-crafted cedar leaves.

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